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Name Calling: both versions
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Here is the edited version and the original version of the story. Judge for yourself how much was changed. Then let's discuss how and why.

send us your skiffy stories
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Abyss & Apex has only two Fantasy slots open for 2015, but eight slots open for Science Fiction. Please send us your science fiction stories. Next reading period during first week of May 2015.

Feb. Autoresponder was incorrect
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In February we were only open for submissions one week, not one month.

Our apologies for any inconvenience.

- The Editors at A&A

pro rates for flash
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A&A now pays the new pro rate of $0.06 per word for up to 1,250 words. In other words, we upped our pay rate but changed our definition of "flash" so that we still pay pro rates for flash fiction.

Issue 48: 4th Quarter 2013 Abyss & Apex is now live!
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Editorial: “Into the Deep Beyond” by Carmelo Rafala

“The Toad’s Jewel”  by Cat Rambo
“Sun, Moon, Stars” by Abe Drayton
“Beyond the Wild Mountains” by Conrad Steenkemp
“And the Lion Said Shibboleth” by R P L Johnson

Flash Fiction
 “Peaches in the Breeze” by Siobhan Gallager

“If Sappho Studied Egyptology” by Alicia Cole
“The Lift Equation” by Alicia Cole
Three Scifaiku by Simon Kewin

on slush and carpet cleaning
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books over the wall

Have you ever had to get your carpets cleaned? Before the cleaner comes you have to clear your floors. Well, being behind on slush was like that. The piles of e-slush when I took over A&A were not all that tall and threatening. Then we got better known: Abyss & Apex started getting awards & honors. We got a reputation for finding new talent--25 percent of our authors are first-time publications. Many A&A authors have gone on to become well-known authors.

When I became managing editor in 2005 the zine had 2,000 unique visitors a year;  now we get 3,000 to 4,000 unique visitors a DAY. The submissions period was originally open, then I cut it to four months a year. Recently that became four weeks a year, because we were getting about 1,500 submissions a reading period. This was unmanageable, and failed attempts to try and automate the submissions process only took time away from catching up.

One of the legacies of Carmelo Rafala's year editing Abyss & Apex was a new submissions policy. Now,  at the end of the reading period, only the Second Opinions (stories sent up to senior editors for a decision) would remain in our inbox, and those would be decided on by the next reading period. I hired an Editorial Assistant, Christine Matthews,  and we worked hard on clearing the decks.

I am pleased to report to you all that it worked. Our carpets are now squeaky clean . . .  I mean, our slush is up-to-date. If you have something you sent before this last November 2013 reading period, and you've not heard from us please query.

Being caught up also meant I could train new staff. Please welcome our new associate editor Tonya Liburd, who will be assisting with second opinions. And thanks for your help this year, Carmelo. I'm back running the magazine, but glad you stayed on as our European Editor.

- Wendy S, Delmater
Editor & Publisher

a change to our donation policy
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We have removed the PayPal option that allowed credit cards to be used for A&A subscriptions, as it was costing us more than we received in donations.

Abyss & Apex has an all-volunteer staff, yet costs us $2,500 a year to run. All of that goes to authors, except a small amount for web-related things like domain names and hosting. If you still want to help us bring you great fiction, we still accept PayPal. And there will be a Kickstarter fundraiser in 2013.


Wendy S. Delmater, Editor
Abyss & Apex

November 2012 Reading Period closed
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Abyss & Apex is still overstocked, and training new staff, so WE WILL CONTINUE TO BE CLOSED TO FICTION SUBMISSIONS until February 1, 2013.

As always, queries and other messages will get through to us.

contract revisions
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We have just a slew of contracts at the moment, and contracts for remaining accepted stories will be in author's inboxes in the next two weeks  for publication early next year.

Part of the delay was a revision of contract terms. These changes are all in the authors' favor, and mostly involve showcasing Abyss & Apex's published stories for free during their year of eligibility for things like Hugo, Nebula, and Locus awards. Subscribers and those who buy our "Best of A&A" anthologies will be the only ones able to read older stories, but fiction now stays up during it's year of eligibility. It's all about our being as writer friendly as possible.

A&A honors the Hugo winners!
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Congrats to the 2012 Winners:
Best Novel: Among Others by Jo Walton (Tor)
Best Novella: “The Man Who Bridged the Mist” by Kij Johnson (Asimov's, September/October 2011)
Best Novelette: “Six Months, Three Days” by Charlie Jane Anders (Tor.com)
Best Short Story: “The Paper Menagerie” by Ken Liu (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction,
March/April 2011)
Best Related Work: The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, Third Edition edited by John Clute, David
Langford, Peter Nicholls, and Graham Sleight (Gollancz)
Best Graphic Story: Digger by Ursula Vernon (Sofawolf Press)
Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form): Game of Thrones (Season 1) (HBO)
Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form): "The Doctor's Wife" (Doctor Who) (BBC Wales)
Best Editor (Short Form): Sheila Williams
Best Editor (Long Form): Betsy Wollheim
Best Professional Artist: John Picacio
Best Semiprozine: Locus, edited by Liza Groen Trombi, Kirsten Gong-Wong, et al.
Best Fanzine: SF Signal, edited by John DeNardo
Best Fan Writer: Jim C. Hines
Best Fan Artist: Maurine Starkey
Best Fancast: SF Squeecast, Lynne M. Thomas, Seanan McGuire, Paul Cornell, Elizabeth Bear,
and Catherynne M. Valente
The John W. Campbell Award: E. Lily Yu


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